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Blue, the History of a Color

Dr Jesse Russell reviews Michel Pastoureau’s Blue: The History of a Color in the Claremont Review of Books:

French historian Michel Pastoureau, whose Blue: The History of a Color has just been released to English-speaking audiences, is one of our age’s great librarians of civilization. On its surface, Blue is a dull exercise in scholarly record keeping—but in fact, it is an exhilarating and richly informing book on how the European peoples from the Iron Age until today have decorated themselves and their cultural artefacts with the color blue.  

Pastoureau argues that the color blue is both a naturally occurring phenomenon and a complex cultural construct which is “first and foremost a social phenomenon.” His impressive scholarly narrative does not fall prey to postmodernism’s worse excesses; Blue offers a coherent raison d’être behind Western history, no matter how that story is colored.

Filia mea

Ego sum Sarah White, secunda librorum (prima filiarum) Carli et Lisae. Ego habeo XIV anna.

Benny cattus parvus est, niger et albus. Casey magna catta est, sed non mater Benni. Harry quoque cattus magnus est, sed non maritus Casiae et non pater Benni.

Catti neque maritus neque uxor, non pater, non mater, non filius – sunt neutrum.


filia tua Sarah