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Politics as anti-Christ

This comment by Ann Althouse struck me this afternoon.  She’s referring to Chief Justice John Roberts and the “love” he’s received from the usual suspects after he OK’d Obamacare:

But no thanks will be forthcoming. Pressure must be kept up. This is a big term for the Supreme Court — gay marriage (probably), affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act — and Roberts’s vote may be required to reach what the media know are the right results. Roberts needs to know that any love for him is purely contingent. He’s being watched..

The rational limits to politics

I’d bet a million dollars we’ll hear nothing of the sort in tonight’s third presidential “debate”.

During his 1965 race for mayor of New York, he [WFB] made a sublime promise to the voter: he offered “the internal composure that comes of knowing there are rational limits to politics.” This may have been the most futile campaign promise of all time, but it would have won my vote! –Joe Sobran