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Piety, ritual, and divine incarnation: then and now

Learning how to behave toward the gods, in daily piety and ritual, and how to negotiate the incursions of the divine into the human—from interpreting oracles and portents to facing the presence of a god in disguise or in epiphany—all of this tests and defines what it is to be human. –Ralph J. Hexter, A Guide to the Odyssey: A Commentary on the English Translation of Robert Fitzgerald.

In praise of Divino Afflatu

Here’s an essay by Fr Anthony Cekada (a sedevacantist, but even a stopped clock etc.) on the breviary of St Pius X as defined in his encyclical Divino Afflatu.  It’s what I use at because, unlike the modern Liturgy of the Hours, it takes you through the entire unexpurgated Psalter in a week (or so, depending on feasts) while presenting a full complement of patristic readings, unlike the impoverished and half-modernized 1962 breviary.