Tolerance and intolerance

Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP, from somewhere in his 2-volume “God, His existence and His nature: a Thomistic Solution of Certain Agnostic Antinomies”:

The Church is intolerant in principle because she believes; she is tolerant in practice because she loves. The enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe; they are intolerant in practice because they do not love.

One thought on “Tolerance and intolerance

  1. john kelly

    Thanks for the great quote. How often shrill and intolerant are the words of non-believers toward believers, spoken under the false cloak of appealing for tolerance–particularly in areas such as same-sex marriage and abortion. This reminds me that the Christian is to be ruthlessly intolerant of sin, yet gracious toward sinners not yet saved by grace.

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