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Pope Francis

Whoever was in charge of the smoke bombs in the Sistine Chapel did a terrific job this time around. The smoke was thick and plentiful, giving one plenty of time to head to the bathroom and return without missing anything.

After the white smoke appeared this afternoon we all gathered around my computer to watch the video broadcast from Radio Vaticana, which provided intelligent and sympathetic commentary. Kids came and went and I called them in whenever something was about to happen.

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the Habemus Papam guy this time around, looked a bit halt and spoke with some effort. Wikipedia says he has Parkinson’s disease.

And after a delay, Pope Francis appeared. Not “Francis I” – a Vatican guy pointed out that he’ll become Francis I when there’s a Francis II. He seems like a serene sort of guy. I won’t attempt any analysis or predictions, except the safe prediction that we’ll see what the future brings. Before Francis and John Paul, the last pope to take an original name was Lando, from the early 900s.

Was anyone else worried about suicide bombers in that huge crowd outside St Peter’s?