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In praise of Divino Afflatu

Here’s an essay by Fr Anthony Cekada (a sedevacantist, but even a stopped clock etc.) on the breviary of St Pius X as defined in his encyclical Divino Afflatu.  It’s what I use at http://divinumofficium.com because, unlike the modern Liturgy of the Hours, it takes you through the entire unexpurgated Psalter in a week (or so, depending on feasts) while presenting a full complement of patristic readings, unlike the impoverished and half-modernized 1962 breviary.

Lewis and Wright on neopaganism

Modern play-pagans would be horrified by the real thing:

Having read those, I see the need for a more serious and “physical” worship of God along the lines set out by Gabriel Bunge, OSB, in his Earthen Vessels: The Practice of Personal Prayer According to the Patristic Tradition.